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Welcome to our new store and name Keke. 

My name is Jayne and I now live in Hakuba, Japan with my 3 children and husband. We moved to Japan over a year ago to run a small Boutique Ski Lodge. I am originally from Wanaka and since leaving University I have lived in London, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Christchurch, Wanaka and now Hakuba. 

I enjoy skiing, rock climbing, tramping, exploring and sewing. Last weekend I tried to find a rock climbing site. We did find it after 2 hours driving and very small Japanese roads, but more about this another time. 

Hakuba is a small ski village about the same size as Wanaka, but skiing is cheaper and closer. We don't have the shops like Wanaka but we make up for it in restaurants and of course powder skiing. Japanese food is amazing. 

It has been a very interesting experience. Our 3 children age 7, 10 and 11 are all in the local Japanese Elementary school. They have to be at school from 8am to 3 or 4pm. Over the years we have been here they have picked up Japanese very well. I am still trying to study hard. Very difficult. 

Keke has been in our family for over 28 years and I have grown up with exploring the store. I have now been actively working on our online store, so that I can run it from Japan and to give all of our overseas customers an easy way to order. 

I love Wanaka and my little store. Please come and visit or drop me, shop@keke.co.nz a message. I love to hear what you think of our online store or our shop in Wanaka.

Thank you for visiting.


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