Things I bring back to Japan.

honey manuka natural organic skincare sukin

One of our favourites is the Sukin Range from Australia.

It does not have a long list of synthetic chemicals and is simply. The price is great and it works really well on my skin. I love it with all the natural ingredients. They also have a natural Deodorant. I am not a trained Health Professional, this review is from Personal experience.

I also pack Manuka Honey. Great for the winter season over here in Japan. I love it in the morning with fresh lemon and hot water. Keeps all those's colds away. You can even use it on your skin for burns or bites. This is hard to find in Japan. You can order directly from us or yesterday I saw it in Costco. There are different levels of Manuka Honey, depending on the MG (methylglyoxal) rating.

The higher concentration of MG the stronger the antibiotic effect such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Traditionally it has been used for soothing sore throats, improving digestive issues and for wound healing. So beware not all Manuka Honey is the same.

Over winter do you use Manuka Honey? I would love to know everyone's ideas on nature products they use to keep well.

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