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We thrive at Keke to be sustainable. What is being sustainable mean to us at Keke? What are we doing? These are the few of the things we do at Keke to help our environment. To keep it for our future generations.

1. Working with our wholesalers to receive stock, in paper or no bags. The problems here is stock arriving in good condition. One of our wholesales now sends our items in paper wrapping. All the items come in cardboard boxes. These are then recycled at our local recycling plant. 

2. All of our supplies are New Zealand companies. Some are made overseas but majority are made in New Zealand. Less air miles used. 

3. All our Greenstone and Wool Products are made in New Zealand.

4. All our wooden products are made in New Zealand. They are beautiful designed and crafted.

5. We ask most of our customers if they want a paper bag or not. Most people now carry one with them. I know I do. We have some great designs and they wear really well. I always have one with me in my bag.

6. We have gone digital. This means you are welcome to request an email receipt instead of a paper one.

6. We are in the process of changing all our lights to LED. This allows less changes in bulbs and they use less energy. Majority of our outside lights are LED`s. Which is a great way to save energy overnight.

7. All our internet orders go in compositing bags. Once you receive your items you can put it into your compositing bin. We try to wrap the items in tissue paper or in a small box. We don't include a packing slip, as this is emailed to you.

These are a few of the things at Keke we are trying to change. It is the small things that help our environment and people to change. If you just use one less coffee cup or plastic bag a day or a week then we are all on our way to less waste.

A funny story. As I live in Japan I went into Starbucks to get my Lemon iced tea, with my metal cup. They said they couldn't take my cup and I needed to pour their plastic cup they gave me into the cup myself. I did decline the plastic straw. The only reason I think is COVID..... in February they took my cup and filled it up. Changing times, I hope we can go back to this more reusable way.

Happy Recycling. 

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