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What a strange new world we live in. No going on our annual holidays overseas. Instead we get to explore our own backyard. For me it is actually Japan, where I have managed to return for the next school year. We live in Nagoya. Nagoya is smaller and less busier than Tokyo. We have a castle. It is one of the largest in Japan. This enabled Nagoya to become the fourth largest city in Japan.

My favourite time of year is the Sakura season. When all the Cherry Blossoms Bloom. It is incredible beautiful. Every night on the news they have the predicted time of year that each area will bloom. Our local park below has one of the best blooms of Cherry blossom. Every year people come an have a picnic under them to give them good luck for the rest of the year. 


Cherry Blossom Heiwa Park, Nagoya Japan.

Nagoya has great shopping in Sakae and many food places. One of my favourite places in Osu. This has a 4 story fabric shop and many eating places. In Japan you go on holiday and the first thing you do in each area is eat the local food. In Nagoya this is wide noodle and Hatcho Miso. Nagoya food tours is a great way to tour around some great places.

For the children we have Lego Land, Nagoya aquarium , Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical gardens. The zoo also has a small rollarcoaster and rides. Great way to entertain the children as the cost is alot lower than Legoland. If you want to get some exercise there is the 10,000 steps walk through the local parks. Here is a map. You start at the zoo entry.  

You follow the sign above. In English is means `Motoyama 10,000 walking course`. 

Let me know if there are other areas of Japan you would like me to cover. Japan is know for great food and many festivals. Except the last 12 months. 

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