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NW Cable Poncho

NW Cable Poncho

Noble Wilde

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One Size fits all.

40% Possum, 53% Merino, 7% Nylon.

Made in New Zealand.


Care Instructions

We recommend washing your Merino/Possum garment in the washing machine under the wool cycle in cold water. Use a wool garment natural detergent. After it has been washed, lie it flat out of direct sunlight to air dry. 

There is no need to wash the garment after each use. As it is a natural fibre and is resist to odour's building up. So this allows less energy to be used and a more sustainable garment. 

If you find your garment getting out of shape. Then giving it a wash will bring your garment back to a nice fit again.

Very easy to look after and enjoy for many years to come.

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  • Merino Wool

    Warm, Durable and Fast Drying

    Merino Wool has unique characteristics. Each fibre is exceptionally fine, long and densely crimped, retaining heat close to the skin and keeping out cold air. The fibre also wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing the skin to stay warm and dry. Spun Merino retains all of these qualities and is one of the most durable natural yarns.

    There are Merino farms all over New Zealand. But some Wool now comes from Australia.

  • What is Possum?

    an Exceptional Natural Insulator

    The fibres of possum fur are hollow, trapping warm air against the skin. The only other animal with this astonishing insulating fur is the Polar Bear. The trapped air not only retains heat efficiently, but makes the fur light in weight. Spinning possum fibre into yarn reduces the weight of a garment, while simultaneously increasing its warmth.

    Read more here about what possums do to New Zealand native forests.