What is Cuticle?

Cuticle are part of most Animals and People. Except Alpaca's.

In people Cuticle are the skin at the bottom of the nails. This gives the bottom of your nails protection from moisture and hence bacteria will be unable to grow. So there is less chance of infection into your skin. But this area is also very delicate.

Where in Sheep, the Cuticle attaches the wool to the skin. In Sheep this only goes in one direction, and is overlapped with a jagged edge. This is why Sheeps wool is so good for felting. Felting is when the Sheeps wool is placed in water and agitated. Usually the water is very hot. Then the jagged edges interlock creating a mat. This can create very thick matts or Coats. But this can also ruin your Wool garments if you wash them in to hot water.

The Cuticle provides a tough exterior to protect the fibre from damage. This also has a waxy coating which repels water but can also absorb water vapour. This gives wool a natural showerproof barrier. This also makes garments less likely to stain, as liquid is less likely to be absorbed.